In the era when News has become business and propaganda machine for the state, we have tried hard not to succumb to such pressures and threat. We aim to deliver what is needed the most. We don’t like Fussy debates on Nationalism , we are more concerned with the falling global hunger index. Our definition of Love jihad Is different , our Facts on Tejo mahalya or Taj mahal are authentic. In an era where social media has penetrated the ethics of journalism we at Pinch News aim as an antidote to fake propagandists that have established themselves in social media as well as mainstream media. We will also cover news which the mainstream media often skips or provides inadequate coverage to such as caste-based atrocities, religious discrimination, labour struggles, farmer struggles etc. We plan to get subject matter experts to write on various issues such as public policy, legal matters and other trending issues.
We are currently in the process of forming a healthy team who understands that journalism is not money making process,there is a reason why its called as the fourth pillar of democracy and we at pinch want to ensure that we never fail to deliver what we commit: NEWS AUTHENTIC NEWS.